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Selling to the CIO Podcast #11

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Robert Pick, SVP & Chief Information Officer at Tokio Marine North America, discusses with David Silverstein how to build the relationship, be patient, and wait for the right time when selling to the CIO. (and ultimately 'Stop Selling to the CIO')

To purchase the book, No! I Don't Have 15 Minutes to Chat, click here to order on Amazon.

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1 Comment

David, I'm enjoying reading through your book. This may be handled deeper in the book but I'm hearing a lot of "what not to do", as it's a relationship killer or obvious non-starter. I'm interested to know from a CIO or other C-Level leaders what IS responded to well. I see that you have some of that sprinkled in and also here with the interview with Robert Pick. Can you point me to some of your podcasts or other material that speaks specifically to that topic?

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