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7 Simple Steps for Getting the Meeting

Some People Just Do It Right….. and it’s Easy!

7 simple steps to get the meeting

We spend a lot of time talking about what doesn’t work. Here’s an example of what works. And it’s really so simple.

Step One – approach, ask for a meeting, follow-up as suggested.

Step Two – make it easy but don’t be a stalker. You: “I live/work/pick up my kids/shop near your office and can meet at your convenience.”

Step Three – Agree to suggestions. CIO On-Point: “How about breakfast close to my office?” You: “Of course!”

Step Four – meet, make it an interesting conversation, find and discuss common interests, establish your credibility with confidence, not swagger.

Step Five – Let the conversation run. You’d be surprised what you find out. You may find out who your prospect deals with, why, and how they explore new relationships….. without even asking!

Step Six – On the way out, inquire about follow-up and accept what you’re offered.

Step Seven – Follow-up as suggested and wait. When a need arises, your credibility, coolness, and the relationship you’ve seeded will bear fruit. It works for others, it will work for you. Not with every prospect, but with more than you expect!

Isn’t it easy?

Mr. CIO On-Point

Mr. CIO OnPoint currently serves as a CIO in the technology industry. OnPoint comes from a long IT background, starting in end-user support and advancing through infrastructure, application, and consulting roles to CIO and cross-functional executive leadership. OnPoint has served in companies of all sizes in a range of industries. OnPoint is active in IT industry organizations, contributing thought leadership in the IT profession, advising emerging companies, and offering his expertise to support emerging IT leaders and youth pursuing careers in IT. After being frustrated for years with ineffective sales approaches, OnPoint contributes case studies here to help salespeople be more effective at approaching CIO’s in a way that allows them to make their value proposition clear and start meaningful mutually-beneficial relationships. He also provides examples of what not to do. Unfortunately these examples happen way too often.

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