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How to Connect with CIOs

How to make the first point of contact with CIOs

How to Connect with CIOs:

Personalized Emails: Craft customized emails that are concise and relevant. Start with a compelling subject line, address their pain points, and offer a clear value proposition. Avoid generic templates and jargon.

Engaging LinkedIn Messages: When using LinkedIn for initial contact, ensure your message is personalized and offers value. Mention a common connection, a recent post, or industry news that impacts them. This customized touch can set you apart from the numerous generic messages they receive daily.

Interactive Content: Use videos, infographics, or customized landing pages. This type of content is more engaging and can help you stand out. For example, a short video explaining how your solution can specifically address their needs can be very effective.

Follow-Up Strategies: Don't be discouraged if you get a response immediately. Keep going. Follow up with additional value-driven content. For example, send a case study relevant to their industry or a new piece of thought leadership content you've created.

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