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Selling to the CIO Podcast #1

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Click here for the latest Podcast with David Silverstein.

David Silverstein speaks with co-author of "No, I Don't have 15 Minutes to Chat", Randy Gaboriault. The conversation is filled with their experiences in sales, from the sales person and from the CIO's perspective. Listen to what works and what doesn't work when selling to the CIO.

About David: David Silverstein has spent the last 25 years in technology sales and leadership. He is a results-driven relationship builder who is fiercely competitive and passionate about his career. He prides himself on building highly cooperative, energetic competitive cultures. Over his tenure he has held positions in direct and channel sales, target and strategic selling, and most recently VP of sales for a large publicly traded systems integrator.

About Randy: Randy Gaboriault has spent the last 15 years as an award-winning, global CIO across multiple industries, from aircraft engines and automotive to medical devices and health-care services. CIO Magazine editor-in-chief, Maryfran Johnson, named Randy an “exceedingly rare, triple threat CIO: a CIO that is equally talented at managing, problem-solving, and driving revenue.” Randy has spent his career creating strategies for exceptional and differentiated technology-enabled value chains. With this experience has come thousands of interactions—good, bad, and ugly—with sales professionals and the sales apparatus of organizations large and small.

To purchase the book, No! I Don't Have 15 Minutes to Chat, click here to order on Amazon.

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